Welcome to the Wake County Special Education Inclusion Committee (WAKE SEIC) part of the Wake County PTA Council.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a network of parents, educators, and administrators who will work cooperatively and constructively to meet the needs of all students receiving special education services in the most integrated environment, with appropriate supports in place, to ensure that the students will learn and be valued members of their school community.

Our Focus

To provide education, training, in-school liaisons and on-line resources to help families be knowledgeable and informed about the special education services in Wake County. The goal is for families to have the information and the tools to support their child’s educational needs and to be their child’s most important advocate.

Who We Are

Our volunteers and leaders are made up of parents throughout Wake County. Each of us has a child currently attended a WCPSS school who receives Special education services either in a separate setting on with support in matriculation.  For a list of the current members please see Officers


We provide periodic, regular educational and training events for parents, liaisons and educators. To see our list of upcoming events or register for an event, see our Upcoming Events Page.

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