Inclusion Liaisons

Wake SEIC strives to have a liaison in every school PTA to share information on current special education events and to facilitate greater inclusion of the special needs community in PTA programming.  The liaison can be a parent volunteer or a member of your school’s PTA board. By default the PTA President is the Liaison unless the school PTA and/or Wake SEIC designates a person.

Liaisons are asked to attend 2-3 meetings/workshops per year so that they can share the information they are given with their school communities. They are also asked to attend their schools’ PTA meetings and work with the PTA board to make sure all events take into account the needs of all children and families in the school community.  Guidance on increasing inclusion in PTA programs can be found on the PTA Inclusion Supports page and by contacting the PTA Support Lead Kerry McCarthy Adams.

Liaisons also help parents identify and understand the key school personnel involved in special education and the process for accessing services. Wake SEIC’s website is full of resources for parents to gain more information on special education services in Wake County. Liaisons do not give advice on individual issues or attend IEP meetings.

Liaison training will be available by November. We are in the process of updating Liaison training and will let you know when it is available.

If you are interested in serving as a Liaison of for your school please follow this like to fill out our form. (link opens in new page)


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